Average Typing Speed

Fast typing skill is an advantage that helps us stay in tune with our world. If the question of managing time on the keyboard arises you would like to go as fast as possible. Typing is required to write emails, chat and create business documents. 

Companies hire experienced touch typists rather than hunting and peck typists just for efficiency. Do yourself a favor and learn the basics, if you do not already know them. You can imagine what the difference would be. Test your typing speed with typingspeedtest.online and get your typing score.

After reading this article you will know what is the average typing speed for men and women, why it is important to overcome these consequences, and how it can help make your life easier.

Average Typing Speed: Why Is This Important?

Any typing knowledge always comes down to the same question: what is your average typing speed and accuracy? Why is it so important and why does everyone want to know it? Below are some facts about typing and hopefully, some suggestions on why the average speed of typing is so important.

Highest Typing Speed

The fastest typist in the world is a woman named Barbara Blackburn. In 2005, using a simplified Dvorak keyboard, she was able to retain 150 words per minute (wpm) for 50 minutes and 170 words per minute (wpm) for shorter amounts of time. she even stuck at a speed of 212 words per minute. This is much better than what a professional typist would usually manage using a QWERTY keyboard. 50 to 80 words per minute is average for professional typists and most people try if they type in life.

Average Typing Speed Statistics

Average typing speed
  1. As a common rule, girls like to type more than boys.
  2. This can be for a variety of reasons. Kids, traditionally, spend more time on multiplayer online games that require faster typing speed to communicate with their fellow mates. This section is not as high as you might think, as approximately 45% of boys prefer typing, 55% of girls. This is just a statistic related to touch typing, as there are a large number of women-dominated nook jobs that require typing skills, although not all of these require high words per minute speed.
  3. For most typists, the average typing speed is 41 words per minute with approximately 92% accuracy.
  4. To give a little context in this regard, handwriting is usually 31 words per minute for memorized content or 22 words per minute for copied material. This is a great speed for someone who only types emails from time to time or for someone whose livelihood does not depend on their speed. Anyone else should work in a training regiment to improve speed and accuracy.
  5. The most important thing when considering any skill is to practice.
  6. I will repeat this, just as a perception: practice. You can’t expect to be a concert-level pianist sitting on piano, and you shouldn’t expect to sit on a keyboard and be a competition-level typist either. Spend 30 minutes or more every day practicing. If you have just started typing hunting and peck style or are working, start early and work your way up. If you already have some decent touch typing skills, then work on accuracy and speed. Track your efforts in a few weeks and you will see significant improvement.

With touch typing, it’s important to start young. Studies have shown that learning to touch properly is twice as easy for people 18 years of age or younger. This is no different than learning a new language, and multiple studies have shown that children learn and retain a new language more than adults. Teaching children how to touch properly may be the most appropriate skill to help them succeed in the workplace. So why are your average typing speed and typing accuracy so important? The fact of the matter is that learning typing skills is the most important thing to make you a more reputable employee at any age.

Any Typos?

The typist’s average accuracy is about 92%, which means he makes 8 mistakes for every 100 words he types. The desired accuracy for professional typing positions is about 97% or more.

The benefits of learning how to type fast and accurately

  1. This can save time.
  2. Reduce fatigue
  3. Improve your posture and prevent injuries
  4. Improve your focus
  5. Increase productivity
  6. Find more earning opportunities
  7. Find more earning opportunities

How To Improve Your Typing Speed? 

Use the correct starting position: When practicing your typing skills, it is important to use the right-hand placement.
Do not look down: Instead of looking at your hand, look at your screen.
Maintain good posture: Find a comfortable position for your hands.
Practice regularly.

When to start learning?

Developed typing skills will enable young people to get good results in school or college studies and get good job offers after finishing school. 65% of people under the age of 24 know how to touch fast typing. The main goal of learning touch type or improving touch typing skills after age 25 is to be more successful in the current job.

 What is the good typing speed to get a job?

You should aim to increase typing speeds by at least 40 WPM to maintain a standard level of performance in the workspace. Criteria are higher for some businesses. For a job as a personal assistant, you need to type at least 60 wpm.


Touch typing skills need to be improved for everyone under the age of 18, but everyone can spend some time practicing. The average typing speed is one of the main skills listed on your resume. Spend more time practicing and get better results.

As a serious computer user, you should try to improve typing accuracy as well as overall typing speed. Doing so can dramatically shorten the tasks that are typed into a highly rewarding experience. This can significantly improve your overall productivity and efficiency not only in your business endeavors but also in your cases. Go in a way that you may not have thought possible in the past.

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